Kamraj Forest Division Kupwara celebrated World Forest Day 

Shahid Peer 

Kupwara: On the occasion of the International Day of Forests, Kamraj Forest Division Kupwara embraced this theme Forests and Innovation “New Solutions for a Better World” under the leadership of Anurag Arya IFS, the Divisional Forest Officer Kamraj Forest Division Kupwara. This celebration marked a significant step towards promoting environmental consciousness and innovative approaches to Forest conservation. 

Divisional Forest Officer Kamraj Forest Division Kupwara Anurag Arya, IFS told JKDASTAK that International Day of Forests, celebrated across all Ranges with vigour and enthusiasm (on 21st March) with the theme “FORESTS & INNOVATIONS”.

On the occasion, 15000 fruit plants were distributed among local public and stakeholders of Kupwara and Baramulla District and fruit plants were planted in Forest Blocks of this Division to celebrate the event, respectively. The occasion witnessed participation of plethora of masses . 

“This mass plantation and mass awareness drive was held to sensitise the citizens of Kupwara regarding the essential role played by the forests in our everyday life and also stress on the role they can play in conserving this bountiful endowment in our district.” Anurag Arya said .

He further said, plantation drives took center stage, as Forest officers/Officials, volunteers and local PRI’s joined hands to replenish the green cover of Kashmir. Through these efforts, not only tree saplings were implanted, but also a message of responsibility and stewardship towards nature was conveyed to all participants. A number of students and other nature lovers participated in these plantation program’s.

Prominent plantation programs among all were held in Range Offices South Lolab and North Lolab where the Range Officer Zahoor Ali and Feroz Ahmad Marazi implanted various fruit plant species in the gathering of students at various sites.

The steadfast leadership of DFO Kamraj and his commitment to environmental stewardship were instrumental in orchestrating these initiatives, inspiring a sense of unity and purpose among participants. His vision for a green, clean and sustainable future resonated deeply with all these involved, drives.

It was given out that the celebrations were intended to foster and re-endorse our appreciation for earth’s kindness and care, and also raise awareness about the issues that threaten beloved planet’s health and environment.

Besides, it was also aimed at spreading information, awareness and concern for maintaining the sustainable capacity of mother earth in nurturing us. The philosophy behind observing the day is that ordinary people, acting together, can achieve extraordinary feats.