Kamraj Forest Division carried out plantation of 5000 saplings across 207 Polling Stations in Kupwara district under SVEEP in view of Lok Sabha Elections 2024


Kupwara: – In a concerted effort towards environmental conservation and community engagement, the Kamraj Forest Division, under the aegis of the Jammu and Kashmir Forest Department, has undertaken a significant initiative. A total of 5000 saplings have been planted across 207 polling stations as part of the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) Programme.

The Divisional Forest Officer of Kamraj Forest Division, Kupwara, Anurag Arya, IFS, underscored the importance of this endeavor. He emphasized that beyond its ecological benefits, such initiatives play a crucial role in fostering civic responsibility and environmental stewardship among citizens, particularly in the context of elections.

Under the dynamic leadership of Anurag Arya, IFS, the Kamraj Forest Division executed the planting drive with meticulous planning and execution. The selection of polling stations as planting sites strategically aligns with the objective of maximizing community outreach and participation in the electoral process while simultaneously contributing to the green cover enhancement efforts in the region.

The initiative received widespread acclaim for its dual impact on environmental sustainability and civic engagement. By integrating environmental conservation with the electoral process, the Kamraj Forest Division has set a commendable precedent for other regions to emulate.

Furthermore, the SVEEP Programme’s inclusion of tree planting initiatives not only underscores the importance of environmental stewardship but also highlights the interconnectedness of democratic processes and environmental well-being.

Anurag Arya, IFS, expressed gratitude to all stakeholders involved, including government officials, community leaders, and local volunteers, whose collective efforts made this ambitious undertaking a resounding success. He emphasized the need for continued collaboration and sustained efforts to nurture and preserve the newly planted saplings, ensuring their long-term survival and contribution to the region’s ecological resilience.

Kamraj Forest Division’s initiative to plant 5000 trees across 207 polling stations exemplifies the potential for synergy between environmental conservation and civic engagement initiatives. As communities, in Kupwara district witness the tangible benefits of such endeavors, it is hoped that similar efforts will be replicated and scaled up, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and active citizenship across the region.