A young Muslim entrepreneur from Kashmir believes in power of diversity and inclusivity.

The founder of ESOS Global Pvt Ltd, a young Muslim entrepreneur from the picturesque region of Kashmir, embodies the essence of determination and vision. Hailing from the breathtaking paradise on earth, this individual embarked on a journey that has since transformed into a remarkable success story.

ESOS Global Pvt Ltd, now seven years old, boasts an impressive portfolio of events and endeavors. When asked about the secret to this success, the founder humbly attributes it to the grace of the Almighty Allah. As a Muslim, they take immense pride in being the driving force behind ESOS Global, showcasing the power of diversity and inclusivity in the business world.

One of the crown jewels in their entrepreneurial journey is META-E3 SMART SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY, an innovative global edtech platform. This platform has garnered praise from top-ranking government officials and distinguished educationists and entrepreneurs alike. It stands as a testament to the founder’s dedication to breaking barriers and creating something extraordinary.

In a world sometimes divided by differences, the founder’s journey is a testament to the belief that success knows no bounds. Their journey began with an all-Hindu team in Nepal, with them as the sole Muslim founder. This unique blend of diverse backgrounds created an environment of communal harmony that was truly incredible. They have carried this ethos into India, where their team comprises top-notch talent from the Hindu community. For this visionary leader, work is not about bias or communal divides but is a celebration of talent and the ability to assemble a team that drives success.

The founder extends a warm welcome to all individuals, regardless of their background, who possess talent, sincerity, honesty, and a deep sense of humanity. Their vision transcends religious or cultural boundaries, focusing instead on the shared values that bring people together.

In the coming years, ESOS Global plans to expand its team pan-India, with a resolute commitment to hiring based on vision, clarity of thought, and a profound understanding of the mission. Religion will not be a factor in this selection process, as the founder’s legacy is one of unity and the recognition that true success is built upon the foundation of a diverse and talented team.