Kamraj Forest Division Leads Cleanliness Drives for World Environment Day in Eco-Parks

Baramulla: In commemoration of World Environment Day, the Kamraj Forest Division organized extensive cleanliness drives at prominent ecological sites across Kupwara and Baramulla districts. These initiatives, led by forest officials and supported by enthusiastic student volunteers, aimed to reduce pollutants and mitigate environmental hazards in the region.

The main activities took place at Montane Ecopark Rampora Rajpora, located within the Kandi Forest Range of Baramulla. Here, a dedicated team focused on cleaning the park and its surroundings. Parallel efforts were also seen at Nagriwari Eco-Park in the Kupwara Range, highlighting the division’s commitment to preserving the natural beauty and ecological health of these green spaces.

Additionally, the North Lolab Range and South Lolab Range Sogam conducted similar events at Eco Park Satbaran and Kailwan Adventure Park, including adjacent forest areas. These activities saw active participation from local residents and tourists, reflecting a strong community commitment to maintaining a pristine environment.

These cleanliness drives underscore the ongoing efforts of the Kupwara district’s forest divisions towards environmental stewardship and the importance of community involvement in preserving the region’s ecological integrity.